Hours and Fees

We are open the following hours

Monday: 9am – 12:30
Wednesday: 9am – 4:30
Friday: 9am – 4:30

On the alternate days Colin is in Leixlip. The online diary will give you both options.


From January 1st 2024:

Physiotherapy Session (up to 30min) €70
Physiotherapy Session (30 to 60min) €135

All physiotherapy from Chartered Physiotherapists is usually redeemable from private insurance. Any not covered in private insurance can be claimed on your tax return (Form Med1), so you can often get most of the money back.

There is a Student and GMS* discount available (€10 off)

*Please note that GMS does not cover private physiotherapy, so you will be required to pay per session, we just offer a discount to help.

The price of orthotics vary depending on whether they are “off the shelf”, semi custom or custom made. In a large number of cases we don’t need to do custom made, so we do a normal session to evaluate the need for orthotics before prescribing them.


Unless by prior arrangement, payment is strictly per session. In Ireland we mostly do not bill insurance companies for physio work, so you will have to send in your receipts and get reimbursement from your insurer. There are exceptions but this is the typical process.

We can accept cash, all major cards, PayPal, Apple and Google pay.